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I have paid but I haven't received my download information

You should receive your download information immediately after the transaction is completed. If you used a method that would require funds to clear, then you will receive your information once the payment has cleared.

Otherwise, be sure to check you e-mail's spam filter to make sure the e-mail isn't being blocked. On occassion, there may be a problem with the payment processor, our website, or the internet in general. We try to keep problems on our site to a minimum but we cannot be responsible for problems with the payment processor or the internet. If you haven't received your information within 1 business day, e-mail us at and we will look into the problem further.

A city or zip code I'm looking for is missing from the database. Where is it? Do I need an updated database?

The database does not contain every city or zip code that has ever existed in the U.S. It only contains the Preferred City Name and zip code as designated by the USPS.

Zip codes are constantly being added or deleted. Some months may only contain a few changes while others may have hundreds of zip codes and cities added or deleted.

We strive to keep our data as accurate as possible but with the number of changes that take place it's possible errors can occur.

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