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Zip Codes for the county of
Yavapai, Arizona

Zip Code
City State
Zip Code Map
85324 Black Canyon City Arizona
85332 Congress Arizona
85362 Yarnell Arizona
86301 Prescott Arizona
86302 Prescott Arizona
86303 Prescott Arizona
86304 Prescott Arizona
86305 Prescott Arizona
86312 Prescott Valley Arizona
86313 Prescott Arizona
86314 Prescott Valley Arizona
86320 Ash Fork Arizona
86321 Bagdad Arizona
86322 Camp Verde Arizona
86323 Chino Valley Arizona
86324 Clarkdale Arizona
86325 Cornville Arizona
86326 Cottonwood Arizona
86327 Dewey Arizona
86329 Humboldt Arizona
86330 Iron Springs Arizona
86331 Jerome Arizona
86332 Kirkland Arizona
86333 Mayer Arizona
86334 Paulden Arizona
86335 Rimrock Arizona
86336 Sedona Arizona
86337 Seligman Arizona
86338 Skull Valley Arizona
86340 Sedona Arizona
86341 Sedona Arizona
86342 Lake Montezuma Arizona
86343 Crown King Arizona
86351 Sedona Arizona

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