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Below are a list of the cities located in Colorado County, TX. There are 11 total unique zip codes in Colorado County, Texas. The time zone for Colorado County is the Central Daylight Time zone and they follow daylight savings time. The Federal Information Processing System (FIPS) Code for is 48089.

The population in Colorado County, TX is currently 20,630. That is a decrease of 0.00% vs the population of 20,874 in 2010.

Zip Codes for Colorado County, TX (11)

Zip Code
City County
Zip Code Map
77412 Altair Colorado
77434 Eagle Lake Colorado
77442 Garwood Colorado
77460 Nada Colorado
77470 Rock Island Colorado
77475 Sheridan Colorado
78934 Columbus Colorado
78935 Alleyton Colorado
78943 Glidden Colorado
78951 Oakland Colorado
78962 Weimar Colorado

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