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Zip Codes for the county of
Ventura, California

Zip Code
City State
Zip Code Map
91319 Newbury Park California
91320 Newbury Park California
91358 Thousand Oaks California
91359 Westlake Village California
91360 Thousand Oaks California
91361 Westlake Village California
91362 Thousand Oaks California
91377 Oak Park California
93001 Ventura California
93002 Ventura California
93003 Ventura California
93004 Ventura California
93005 Ventura California
93006 Ventura California
93007 Ventura California
93009 Ventura California
93010 Camarillo California
93011 Camarillo California
93012 Camarillo California
93015 Fillmore California
93016 Fillmore California
93020 Moorpark California
93021 Moorpark California
93022 Oak View California
93023 Ojai California
93024 Ojai California
93030 Oxnard California
93031 Oxnard California
93032 Oxnard California
93033 Oxnard California
93034 Oxnard California
93035 Oxnard California
93036 Oxnard California
93040 Piru California
93041 Port Hueneme California
93042 Point Mugu Nawc California
93043 Port Hueneme Cbc Base California
93044 Port Hueneme California
93060 Santa Paula California
93061 Santa Paula California
93062 Simi Valley California
93063 Simi Valley California
93064 Brandeis California
93065 Simi Valley California
93066 Somis California
93093 Simi Valley California
93094 Simi Valley California
93099 Simi Valley California

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