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Zip Codes for the county of
Utah, Utah

Zip Code
City State
Zip Code Map
84003 American Fork Utah
84004 Alpine Utah
84005 Eagle Mountain Utah
84013 Cedar Valley Utah
84042 Lindon Utah
84043 Lehi Utah
84045 Saratoga Springs Utah
84057 Orem Utah
84058 Orem Utah
84059 Orem Utah
84062 Pleasant Grove Utah
84097 Orem Utah
84601 Provo Utah
84602 Provo Utah
84603 Provo Utah
84604 Provo Utah
84605 Provo Utah
84606 Provo Utah
84626 Elberta Utah
84633 Goshen Utah
84651 Payson Utah
84653 Salem Utah
84655 Santaquin Utah
84660 Spanish Fork Utah
84663 Springville Utah
84664 Mapleton Utah

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