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Zip Codes for the county of
Hidalgo, Texas

Zip Code
City State
Zip Code Map
78501 Mcallen Texas
78502 Mcallen Texas
78503 Mcallen Texas
78504 Mcallen Texas
78505 Mcallen Texas
78516 Alamo Texas
78537 Donna Texas
78538 Edcouch Texas
78539 Edinburg Texas
78540 Edinburg Texas
78541 Edinburg Texas
78543 Elsa Texas
78549 Hargill Texas
78557 Hidalgo Texas
78558 La Blanca Texas
78560 La Joya Texas
78562 La Villa Texas
78563 Linn Texas
78565 Los Ebanos Texas
78570 Mercedes Texas
78572 Mission Texas
78573 Mission Texas
78574 Mission Texas
78576 Penitas Texas
78577 Pharr Texas
78579 Progreso Texas
78589 San Juan Texas
78595 Sullivan City Texas
78596 Weslaco Texas
78599 Weslaco Texas

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